Dying Mom Shields Daughter From Gunfire

by Donna E. Mallett

Gunshots explode!  fired by gangs, rival gangs, what a shame!
six or seven shots fired..why? Why?
she fell to the ground, shielding her 6 yr. old child...
child survived.
Mom, sadly enough, shot down, artery severed
26 yrs. young, she will never sing again in her church choir
Oh, did I mention that was one of her hearts desire

I sat there, reading...I wept
didn't know her at all...
I thought I stood tall,
always wrote about, not to fall, 
be strong, you can make it, you can take it, 
and things aren't as bad as they look, read the book!
You can Live! Goodness Is Coming, Encourage Yourself, 
and You've got to Stand! Be Glad, 
and Oh, I can't forget, "Intentional Man"!

Well, right now, I AM sad, things do look kinda bad,
right now I don't feel so strong! 
All hope by all intents and purposes seems to be gone...
Right now, I don't want to stand!
Rather bury my head in the sand!

I thought to myself, "Lord is this all worth it?"
Is the life I live worth Living?  
If serving You is not in vain, 
then why is the family of this "mother, 
wife, daughter, aunt, friend", in so much pain?
gangs!! what a shame! you have no one to blame
what have you gained?
who did hinder you but yourself!
still fighting over turf that hasn't and never will bring you wealth!
do you own anything?  will the "man", ever sell you a thing?
why would he, you're nothin' but a puppet on a string!

How high will you jump? who next will you bump?
come on, dance for the "man"! don't you dare take a positive stand!  
dont' you dare try to buck the "man"!
look at his face! isn't it a disgrace? in his world, you have no place!

Come on puppet!, time for your demise,
time for your life to end
who told you, you have to live this sin!
Livin' in the hood, polluting your own people, 
with what the "man" tells you and sells you...which is damaged goods!
You don't buy with funds, he gives you guns! 
In turn, he accomplishes his goal, two-fold...
he gets rid of his goods, laughin' and braggin' 
how he's killin' all those n****s! in the hood!

He has attained his wealth...all at the expense of yours 
and so many of our brothers and sisters overall health

Who told you, you had the right to take a life, 
a person who is cherished and decent!
where is your sense!  this  is your oppressors god-send!
You have fallen right into his plan, sold your soul to the "man"!
But the sad part is, he got it free of charge....
you will never reap any rewards!
Comprehend, understand, be a MAN!
he's got you thinking you will never be able to "STAND!"

ONce again...I sit here and I add up the cost...
I've just got to believe ALL IS NOT LOST!  
Ohhh...but it is SooooooHard
Sometimes you think you have it all together, 
until the oppressor tests your faith, then before you know it,
you have taken on the role of the aggressor!

Yall, I got to tall ya, I know no other way, 
I have no one else in whom I can put my Total Trust...

This is all I know...and that is to Trust God and just Believe that He knows!
Taking it by Faith!, knowing that HE knows our fate!
So I pull myself up once again, dry my eyes, until the next cry!
Put my Trust in Him who knows all 
and has enabled me to stand!  
I can't give up on Him or His Plan
He has the whole world in His hands...
It's all working out, without a doubt...

My Fellow Poetry Fam, you know what...
I've acepted the fact...
That He IS, because He says He IS!  
Whether I ever continue to believe it or not...
He Will Continue right on and Never, Ever Cease  Being God!!

Peace!.  (In Every Sense of the WORD!)

Dying Mom Shields Daughter From Gunfire by Donna E. Mallett

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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