Lately I've Been In A Dry Place With My Poetry

by Donna E. Mallett

Lately, I've been in a dry place with my poetry
You know how sometimes you can write and the words
just seem to flow
They come so easily that you wonder if it's even you,
You know?
It's like before you even think of what to say, 
it's on paper plain as day
When you're done, you read it and think...
Hey, I'm really somethin' and them some
Just hearing that statement let's me know, Maybe
that's where I went wrong!

Then there are times when you sit at the computer and
everything is a blur
There's nothing you can think of, nothing that's sure
Your shake your head; seemingly your thoughts are dead
Bewildered, and confused
You think...In times past, I was greatly used!
Used to enlighten, encourage and inspire
Where did it all go? I don't feel the fire!
I look at my past writings in awe
Was it something I saw?
I believe it was something in it's purest state,
It was something raw, straight from the heart
Deep down in the inter-sanctum of my soul...
Something so deep, of which I had no control
I only had on goal, and that was to write from my

Then something tugs at your heart
You realize, your inspiration,
Comes from the MASTER OF CREATION!
Something's missing...I know! 
The caressing of your ANOINTING!
In Him, I Live Breathe, Move and Have My Being!
How could I have not seen?
The scribe I write is a GIFT FROM THEE!
Did I take you for granted?
Did I show off with self-serving antics?
Did I let you know...I appreciate this GIFT?
and that it's more precious than gold?
Knowing full well that at any given moment, it could grow cold...
Then I would feel so detached, deep down in my soul.

I know many of you scribers will understand, 
every word that I just Penned
What we have is a GIFT, straight from the MASTER'S HAND!
We should use it in the way that the MASTER has  planned
To bring hope, encouragement and to enlighten 
so many thoughout this land!

My dry spell has lifted; I do believe "I AM GIFTED!"
Wells of living water are springing forth
I've soaked in life; I pass it on with a FORCE
In it's purest form, like a whirlwind, 
in the midst of a storm

I know, if I acknowledge HIM in all of my ways,
My children will scribe, my childrens' children will scribe
For as long as there's LIFE, there will be a river of

So I begin by saying, "Thank You Lord, for Blessing Me
To Write From The Heart
For I know that which comes from the Heart of God,
Reaches The Heart of Women, Children and Man!
and on that Premis, I Will Continue To Stand!

My Dry spell has lifted! I realize that I am truly Gifted
I have no need to ever be in a panic
and I will never take this Gift for Granted
Honesty in it's purest form can be like a Sifter...
See you guys in the future,
With a piece given to me by....The Giver!

Lately I've Been In A Dry Place With My Poetry by Donna E. Mallett

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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