It's A Conspiracy!

by Donna E. Mallett

Who told us we're an inadequate people,
who told us we're a stagnated people
intimidated, frustrated, self-hated, ill-fated
All of which can definitely be debated!
Who told us we were illiterate,
Non-communicative, oblivious to independence and commitment
When we've been commissioned to be self-sufficient
Who told us we shouldn't speak
live our lives in discreet,
lie and say, "we're being meek"
Telling us we're humble, shufflin' so they can see us stumble!
When they believe, "give them the ball and they're sure to fumble"!
Put them of the six o'clock news,
portray them as fools
put a mic in their face,
all the while, we'll sit at home and look in disgrace!
Crabs in a barrel, they really believe we're that shallow!
They believe we'll never come together
they'll be this way forever!

Who's behind this conspiracy?
Who's The Perpetrator of this fallacy?

Now Let's Talk Reality!

We're talking about a people who can elevate your mind through scribe!
Articulate, subjugate and verbalize!
We speak with resound, we're profound!
We an lift spirits, without demerits
we tear down walls, if seen as a hindrance to our cause,
At the same time, we'll build a wall to lean against before we fall!
We're bold, strong and in control!
We're talking about a people who are scholars, with knowledge-
who have been to college, with degrees, have traveled overseas!
We're mentors, proprietors, preachers, teachers, not attention seekers!
We can bring laughter to the heart, a dance in your step, 
a stride in your walk and purpose in your talk,
We have gifts that would put you in AWE!

Everything we endeavor to do, we Excel in!
that's why we're often told, Stop Medlin'!
we're an educated people,
Not ebonics speaking rejects from the projects!
we've come correct, our worth is priceless!
We demand respect!
We're doctors, lawyers, poets and encouragers!
Helping our people become stronger, wiser and loyal!
nothing we touch will come to spoil!
We're mama, ma-dear, big mama, nana, pa-pa, sistah girl, 
bro-man, junior, daddy, "unc", cuz, and antie,
these names represent Heritage and Legacy!

We haven't forgotten, we continue to soar!
this is what our fore-fathers fought for
We still have the vision, we still believe
We haven't played dead, as so many have said.

Who's Behind This Conspiracy? Still Trying To Give It Validity?

Guilty as sin! Nothing but the enemy within!
I know, I just told you somethin' you weren't even expectin'!
No "one" enemy in mind,
They come in many forms and kind
But especially watch those who operate in the Subliminal,
In secret, Messin' with your mental and potential!
You've been exposed! covers pulled, lights on!
You've been fore-warned, be "real" concerned, here we come!
using our minds, by which we "will" be defined!
We're about Declaration, Affirmation, Acclamation and Dedication
come on, all in "formation"!
calling on "all" nations
from the white house to the institutions
time to acknowledge this Truth and come to this conclusion,
We're A People With Tremendous Contributions!

It's A Conspiracy! by Donna E. Mallett

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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