I Commend You Black Queen For Holding On

by Donna E. Mallett

Conscious of the fact, you were created lacking nothing, 
everything needed to sustain you, you found yourself possessing.  
It's obvious from the look on your face, you possess individuality, stamina and grace.
Negativity will not invade your space. 
With maturity, you've learned, life is not about self, for you, principles are wealth!
I Commend You Black Queen For Holding On!

Oh fruitful queen your are, giving birth to hope, wisdom and determination, 
All of which, will definitely impact and change nations!
I Commend You Black Queen For Holding On!

Raising the future, a job that is so crucial.  
Honesty exemplified, while living in a society of permeated lies!
Living in a world that has double standards for her son,
she imparts in him confidence, self-worth and integrity;
setting goals and standards, he continues to press on.  
Realizing the definition of a Black Man,
Webster's  dictionary and Corporate America
Can't begin to explain or understand!
passing on dignity, in turn he'll leave his seed a true Legacy!
I Commend You Black Queen For Holding On!

Her daughter of promise,
she doesn't look where no one's standing
hold your head up! intimidation will invoke you to look down!
the words you speak are Life, Worth Hearing and are Profound!
She doesn't scratch where she's not itchin'!
Oh Yes! She's confident, Because she's on a Mission!
In her reside self-respect, esteem and principles
These characteristics will assist you on your journey
They won't guarantee life will be simple,
But if you embrace them, you won't go through life in limbo!
Standing of the corner with your children
taking public transportation;
you're and unsung hero, with determination!
Look Up! my Queen, success is yours for the taking!
Look for your day of reconciliation!
I Commend You Black Queen For Holding On!

Wealth institutionalized, caged here and abroad,
ordered restitution, often stalled,
putting trust in the system, often times yields a hearty fall!
In spite of, she stands tall;
recognizing her uniqueness,
realizing she's not only Chosen, But Called!
I Commend You Black Queen For Holding On!

Historically she has perserved
Her king acknowledges this Truth
She's been his Strength For Years!
Never allowing him to succomb to his Worst Fears!
Look at your Queen, she's glowing
Look at Your Black Orchid, Look at her Growing!

What's your secret Queen? So many are left still wanting
Seemingly it lies deep within; it has a certain quality that transcends!
She humble answers, "I've Accepted This Truth, Over and Over Again,,
That Is..."God Is So Very Faithful, To His Women!"

I Commend You Black Queen For Holding On by Donna E. Mallett

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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