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Elder Mark Makabi has many accolades: poet, philosopher, music producer, screenwriter, songwriter, film producer, educator, publisher, researcher, and the author of Byword: A Nation Called Out of Their Name. To date, Elder Makabi has earned two degrees: one in education, one in accounting. Among his many endeavors and aspirations, he continues to develop the King Solomon Israelite Academy preschool program.

Elder Makabi is a proactive leader within the community and has organized and administrated community outreach programs for over 10 years. For such service to the community, Elder Makabi has been featured in national and local newspaper in Atlanta, GA and online articles for his prolific and outstanding support and implementation of wisdom among numerous groups throughout the African American as well as national community. His wisdom is not limited to a certain people, but his loyalty to the Biblical Israelites in the Americas, people of color, referred to as Black, Caribbean, and African, is paramount.

Elder Makabi is the co-founder of the Israelite Remnant in Christ ministries. Elder Makabi understands his Biblical Israelite heritage and his responsibility as an Israelite to guide and provide the council of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel (descendant of slaves in the Americas). Elder Makabi seeks to teach all nations of not only the truth of the Biblical Israelites, but of the history that has been ransacked by the iniquity of those who have oppressed truth, facts, and the very future of the human race for centuries. In that respect, Elder Makabi understands no nation, no culture, no people can move forward if they do not understand the truth about themselves.

To date, Elder Makabi is the composer and music producer of "Acts 13:1" a Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop companion to Byword: A Nation Called Out of Their Name. "Acts 13:1" addresses the deeper points of the Biblical Israelite consciousness in the Unites States and throughout the world through musical, lyrical, and aesthetic medium.

You can contact Elder Mark Makabi via e-mail at bywordthebook@gmail.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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