I Will Not Slip and Fall

by Maia Niguel Moore

I am on to your slick like wet talk
Your smooth like crooked walk
Before I have swallowed your propaganda...
luckily choked before digestion
Words sweet...easy to listen to like suggestion
Yet pointed and hard like an erection
You attempt to appeal to my softer side...
blinding all of my discretion
With your empty affection...
For my people's oppression...
Society's rejection...
Of my complexion...
Your angle pinches and I see your direction
So to speak adding fuel to the flames....
contributing to my perplexion
Admitting your people's wretched truth
is your triumphant confession
Now I'm expected to put my dooks down
and let go of my aggression
You want me pricelessly weakened...
so you can continue your succession
Of my people's regression
Draw it in a text book backwards and sideways
and make year 2007s his-story lesson
Hell no! I will not be soiciety's ejection
I will not buy into your meaningless prejudice elections
Instead...knowledge will be my power for disection
Thus resurection
Ignorance and frailty will be my objection
For my faith and spirit are strong and tall
I'm on to your slick like wet talk.....
I will not SLIP AND FALL

I Will Not Slip and Fall by Maia Niguel Moore

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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