Called Moses By Her People

by MAFLongfellow

Black Is Beautiful Celebration Day  
           ~April 11th~

Harriet Tubman was the very one.
In the year of 1851.

Called Moses by her people.
As she lead each one.

Retruning from freedom
Braving nineteen runs.

Three Hundred slaves
She knew God chose.

Confidence and faith
Built the Underground Railroad.

Fearless of death.
Giving courage to others.

No choice of going back.
Only onward and upward.

Abolitionists, Quakers, Senators too.
She commanded alliegiance. And they were true blue.

Soldier, spy, Cilvil War nurse.
Her personal safety she never put first.

Called Moses by her people.
Their daughters and sons.

She new God wanted freedom
For each and every one.............

Called Moses By Her People by MAFLongfellow

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