The Universal Moral Law Of Humanity

by M. Quinn

As the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel rages on, the combined innocent civilian fatalities in the Middle East will before long reach into the thousands.

While it is true, that if someone assaults you – you are within your moral right to defend yourself as Israel has sought to do; nonetheless, Israel and the United States surely cannot justify the unreserved demolition of an entire country.

When one begins to attack all of the members of another person’s family – as Israel has surely done with its military strikes on the innocent non-military population of Lebanon – this equates to a violation of the universal moral law of humanity, and a downright barbaric assault against the human family with the utter destruction of the sovereign nation of Lebanon.

It is despicable that, the absolute obliteration of the sovereign country of Lebanon has been implemented over the mere capture of two Israeli military personnel by Hezbollah. I believe that the vernacular being used is; “Disproportionate Response”.

Moreover, considering that the United States of America remains the last super power within the global community that can demand a halt to this barbaric barrage; and has thus far categorically refused to insist on an immediate cease fire; this without a doubt makes the U.S. complicit in this immoral violation against the human family.

It remains of the essence that America demonstrates its moral compass – if one can be found; and insist on an end to the slaughtering of innocent non-military populations in both countries.

America, where is your sense of moral correctness? It is time to bring an end to this senseless violence in the Middle East.

The Universal Moral Law Of Humanity by M. Quinn

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