Mid-Term Damage Control

"The VP's Appearance on Meet the Press"

by M. Quinn

On September 10, 2006; one day before the 5th anniversary of 911 and less than two months before the mid-term elections; Vice President Dick Cheney granted his customary damage control appearance on Meet the Press.

Moderator Tim Russert immediately grilled Mr. Cheney regarding the validity of invading Iraq by asking the VP; A) was the Iraqi invasion a monumental mistake, and B) has the conflict in Iraq created more terrorists, and has subsequently had the opposite effect than the intended mission?

Vice President Cheney gave his standard evade, deny and otherwise ambiguous response by stating; well, I don't know. However, since the entire world has witnessed the absolute blood bath in Iraq that did not exist to this magnitude prior to the American invasion and occupation, it becomes exceedingly difficult to believe that the VP simply does not know.


Of course, this tactic employed by Mr. Cheney is obviously the same old Republican strategy of simply disagreeing with the facts no matter how blatantly they present themselves. The GOP has used the shroud of smoke, mirrors and a series of never-ending sound bites with the unambiguous objective of getting the American people to see what they want them to see, when they want them to see it.

In a recent New York Times poll when Americans were asked, "has the so-called WAR on Terrorism created more terrorists"; a resounding 54% stated emphatically (YES), while a mere 15% stated (NO).

Furthermore, when pressed for an answer regarding the WMD's (Weapons of Mass-destruction) that have not been found to date; the VP once again summoned the standard neoconservative response of deny, dodge and disagree - by citing that; all the intelligence at the time supported the invasion of Iraq. However, it is my contention that as the co-pilot to the Commander and Chief, Mr. Cheney and the entire Bush Administration should have gathered concrete data to indisputably support their claim of invading Iraq prior to sending nearly 3,000 young men and women to meet their demise and destroying the fabric of countless American families.

In a separate poll, when Americans were asked if they believe that the War (in Iraq) was worth it - once again, the American people declared their disapproval for the war and also with the President's performance; by voting a resounding; 60% (NO) 39% (YES).

The simple fact remains, that the data that subsequently lead to the invasion of Iraq was flawed because it was based on conjecture, opinion, and misrepresented documentation period!

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has stated that he continues to meet with a number of world leaders in the Middle East and that they continually express their extreme discontentment with the situation in Iraq.

Moreover to date, an estimated three hundred (300) billion dollars in American taxpayer's money has been allocated to a war that most Americans decidedly disagree with. By the year '2009 the funding allocated for the war in Iraq will eclipse a half a trillion dollars.

When moderator Tim Russert queried Mr. Cheney regarding the enormous amount of funding toward the military debacle in Iraq, and further asked if the money would have been better spent on Homeland Security in America, the VP once again swiftly rummaged through his bag of proverbial tricks and immediately began spinning the truth by stating; the primary reason that there has not been another attack on American soil within the past five years is unquestionably due to the fact that we have taken the fight to the enemy. However, anyone that utilizes the mass-transit system in America on a daily basis categorically knows that this is not even remotely close to the truth.

Albeit I am not an advocate of scores of metal detectors and machine gun toting military personnel at public places within American society; considering the lax and completely absent security on a myriad of public transportation systems, walk-in movie theaters, shopping malls and a host of other venues where large clusters of Americans congregate, it has been nothing short of a absolute miracle that another attack such as the bombings in London or in Spain have not taken place in America since September 11, 2001.

One of the primary reasons that America has not been attacked in the past fives years has less to do with the American assault and occupation in the Middle East, and more to do with simply being fortunate. How many times have we heard from the top brass at the Pentagon that military intelligence has identified these alleged terrorist factions (cells) in Britain, France, Germany, Canada, America, Africa, Asia and a host of other countries. This means that they have the ability to attack anywhere, at any time. So are we to truly believe the rhetoric espoused by the Republican spin machine that our safety here in America is predicated on the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq?

There is obviously a major disconnect between the rhetoric and reality within the monarchy of the GOP; more specifically in President George W. Bush's Administration.


Furthermore, as the November primaries are rapidly approaching, the Republicans are fighting for their political lives and have collected an estimated fifty (50) million dollars toward retaining their strong hold on Capital Hill. An astounding 90% percent of that fifty million has been allocated toward negative political ads aimed at the Democratic Party. This astounding amount of capital dedicated toward smear campaigns against the DNC, without a doubt speaks for itself.

The American people must no longer allow themselves to be hoodwinked by the GOP "Boogeyman" strategy. It remains imperative that this November, the American taxpayer serves the Republican Party their political pink slip and send a resolute message to the neo-cons on Capital Hill that; "your services are no longer required".

Mid-Term Damage Control by M. Quinn

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