Judicious Planning and Execution Are Paramount

by M Quinn

Innumerable scientist, archaeologist and historians alike have emphatically arrived at the conclusion that Africa and her progeny are not only the seeds of (all) human existence, but were the very birth of any socialized, organized or spiritual civilization within the circumference of human history. The religious, social and intellectually enlightened minds of ancient Africa gave the world its first humanity; and considering the velocity of material consumption, individualism and self preservation (by any means necessary) being demonstrated in the western world; Africa's descendants (those who have not wholly bought into this system of unbridled decadence or every man for himself) will without a doubt have to provide the world its next humanity.

Attempting to locate any form of authentic enlightenment within the materialistic, individualistic, idealistic and capitalistic confines of western society is worse than embarking upon locating a needle in a hay stack. The spiritually elevated psyche of the ancient Africans, who in fact bestowed the art of maintaining a spiritually balanced consciousness upon the first European civilization, "the ancient Greeks;" has been utterly distorted, misused and exploited in our so-called advance society through a multitude of social, economic, political, academic, and religious instruments.

Similarly, the distortion, misuse and exploitation of historical facts has churned out immense anger, animosity, and distrust within our collective societies and proceeds with a vengeance in our alleged modern world. Equally, the ire fuel by the mistreatment of the world's cultures by western (European) dominance of other nations for their own economic and political advancement has arrived at a crescendo once again, and can no longer be ignored.

This wholesale domination of the world's socioeconomic and political arenas has produced a general distrust of (all) people of European descent by many people of color. For, it remains a preposterous and utterly exhausting task to attempt to separate the rotten apples (racist individuals) from the decent ones.

However, we (African people) must be astute enough to learn from our history, and extract a lesson from the annals of the life of Brother Minister Malcolm X when he returned from his pilgrimage to Mecca, as he cited; "I refuse to any longer paint an entire culture with such a broad brush by labeling them (all) as guilty." The message articulated by Brother Malcolm during a critical transformation in his life remains highly insightful and categorically applicable to our continued struggle.

As we press forward on the path of social, economic and political liberation, it is imperative that we ask ourselves what's more effective for the combined emancipation of the African mind; and the collective psyche of the human family for that matter. Casting wide aspersions, regurgitating 30 second political and racial sounds bites via the mainstream media; or is it incumbent upon us to formulate a unified strategy toward the socioeconomic and political advancement of African people?

Of course, the historical carnage inflicted against people of African descent by the colonial powers cannot and must not be ignored, and must be constantly brought to the light and redressed. However, we must keep squarely in mind that nothing is ever accomplished without a bona fide strategy which has been absent from our combined approach for far too long.

Regurgitating political and cultural sounds bites, knee jerk reactions, emotional outburst and casting wide aspersions only serves to fuel the ire of the world's cultures and has no legitimate purpose; which in fact simply results in misplaced energy and time that can never be reclaimed, once lost.

It is time that we (as an African people) begin to ask ourselves some hard questions, such as; how did the Japanese after being attacked by two atomic bombs in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945, and occupied by American forces via General Mac Arthur return to the international stage with immense authority, and are now well-regarded within the world community. Don't get me wrong, these two events (the African holocaust and the bombing of Japan) are by no means comparable; because no other culture within the annals of human existence have suffered more than 400 years of brutality, oppression, and cultural genocide equivalent to the African experience. Nevertheless, we must refuse to allow this historical reality to serve as a substitute for judicious planning and execution in the 21st century.

If we are going to achieve our rightful position within the international community and similarly bestow upon the world its next humanity; we must return to the laboratory (the very essence) of our consciousness and the ancient resolve bestowed upon us by our ancestors to resurrect the holistic, spiritual, academic, and intellectual blueprint that resides at the very core of our souls. Anger, resentment and knee-jerk reactions though sometimes warranted, must not be part of the equation; but judicious planning and execution must become part of our collective DNA and are paramount for the lessons that we as an African people ought to present to the world.

This means confidential and proprietary strategic planning and execution by our best tactical, political, intellectual and spiritual minds absent any publicized statements, be they television, radio, personal interviews or conversations.

Furthermore, the continued exercise of show-biz liberation and self-aggrandizing Visa-a-via the current social and political disguised as so-called Black leadership and alleged theologians must be exposed for what it truly is; a futile practice which only guarantees our collective position as the pariah's of the world.

The era is now to galvanize our spiritual, economic, and political authority and remove the veil from the lies, the manipulations of lies, and the exploitation of the world's socioeconomic and political infrastructure to construct a new paradigm for African people, and the whole of humanity through astute planning coupled with synchronized execution.

Judicious Planning and Execution Are Paramount by M Quinn

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