21st Century Jim Crow-Ism

"Americas Ignoble Barrier"

by M. Quinn

As the United States of America continues its so-called democratic campaign in the Middle East - while attempting to disseminate a moral authority that it does not in principle have; it has been utterly inept in creating that same sense of oneness and morality within the depraved Jim Crow minds in many of its own citizens.

For those who are unfamiliar with the philosophy and practices of Jim Crow within American society, allow me to provide this brief definition - Jim Crow is defined as;

"The systematic practice of discriminating against and segregating Black people, while giving preferential treatment to whites".

Case and point; On August 24, 2006 - the first day of school in Northwestern Louisiana's Red River Parish, nine (9) African American children were ordered to the rear of the school bus to share a mere two seats between them; while the Caucasian children were instructed to sit in the front row seats where there was ample space. Reports taken from the African American students cited that, many of the Caucasian children began resting their feet on the unoccupied seats to block the Black children from using them and that there were plenty empty seats available once the journey to school actually began. Nevertheless, school bus driver Delores Davis with unconditional malice forced the Blacks kids to the rear of the bus.

This nefarious thought process and completely flawed decision making by Ms. Davis immediately outraged the parents of the violated children, and Superintendent Kay Easley attempted to rectify the matter by meeting with the parents. One parent cited that Black people in America have fought a long and arduous battle for their Civil Rights so that these kind of blatantly racist policies would cease; and now they are resurfacing in the 21st Century.

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21st Century Jim Crow-Ism:

21st Century Jim Crow-Ism by M. Quinn

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