Infantile Disposition

The Immaturity of World Leaders

by M. Quinn

The perilous international affairs between the United States, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Afghanistan are in dire need of mending. Moreover, the social and political crises concerning Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and most of the Muslim world has once again catapulted to a highly volatile situation; where the bombing of innocent men, women and children, executions, and kidnappings are part and parcel of daily life for those in that region of the world.

When I reflect on my days of youth in elementary school when disputes occurred between children that had not obviously cultivated the maturity to resolve their own differences; the solution was to have the parties (children) congregate at the principles office to work out their grieves.

It remains utterly deplorable that the heads of states cannot apparently work out their differences in a levelheaded, equitable and diplomatic manner. This extremely infantile disposition is what I refer to as elementary school behavior. The supreme difference is that these extremely childlike individuals whom we refer to as global leaders have the worlds military resources at their disposal. Of course, these kind of uncouth attitudes are nothing new from the worlds' leaders.

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Infantile Disposition by M. Quinn

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