Destiny Or Hoodwinked?

by M. Quinn

In one of my previous articles titled; "A Divine History," I gave a snapshot of the rich, royal and magnificent past of African people and the tremendous contributions that people of African descent have made to religion, spirituality, mathematics, philosophy, medicine, science, architecture, literature, and the first civilization based on communal order.

Considering the apathetic state of many of today's Black people, one could scarcely surmise that these are the same people who have traveled from exceedingly majestic origins to being the social pariahs of the world. What happened?

The subjugated and unresponsive psychosomatic state of many of todays Black people have become the norm in the minds of countless people from Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

How does an entire culture traverse a spectrum from royalty to pariah in a few hundred years? Moreover, is the current social, economic and political state of today's Black people the destiny for Africa and her descendants; or has Africa's descendants been hoodwinked?

To arrive at a better understanding and further elucidation, we must look into the history of those that have become so feared and despised within the confines of western society.

Scores of historians and anthropologist alike have agreed, that a look backward in time into the history of Black people naturally starts in Africa, more specifically the ancient lands of Ethiopia "Cush" and Egypt, "Kemet."

Archeologist Dr. Louis Leaky was one of the first European experts to state that Africa is the cradle of civilization. Since then, there have been many archeological findings to substantiate his claim.

In an article titled Fossil Illuminates Human Ancestry, "Jawbone found in Ethiopia"; the date arrived at by carbon dating put this particular discovery at approximately 2.33 million years ago. Anyone who has taken the time to thoroughly research Africa's history from an unbiased (non-racist) perspective understands that the people who are indigenous to the land of Africa are black, i.e., (bronze skin, broad nose, woolly hair, thick lips, etc.) In fact, the European explorer Herodotus arrived at the same conclusions regarding the physical description of Africa's descendants; more specifically, those residing in the land of "Kemet", Egypt.

The Pyramids in Egypt are one of the last remaining seven (7) wonders of the world. Scientists to date still have not figured out how the paintings on the temples and monuments have lasted for more than five (5) thousand years. Nor have these same scientists figured out the "African" preservation of the human soul through the process of mummification.


The Nile Valley Civilization of Africa is where we bear witness to the world's first holy text, known as "The Book of Coming forth, by Day, and by Night"; in approximately 4500 - 4100BC. Here we find the first divine writings given homage to God (originally called "Ptah"), and the beginning of an extremely spiritual and religious people who established the foundation of "all" of today's religions. Every other version of this Holy text, and the practices associated with them were altered by those who invaded, subjugated and bastardized Africa and her descendants.

A chronology of this Holy text is as follows; "The Book of Coming forth, by Day, and by Night" 4500-4100BC, Pentateuch (version) 700-500BC, Septuagint (version) 250BC, Koine (version) 52-100 AD, Babylonian Talmud (version) 550AD, HOLY QUR'AN (version) 670AD, John Wycliffe 1382AD, Latin Vulgate (version) 1455AD, King James (version) 1611AD, American Standard (version) 1901ADů.and the list goes on.


Moreover, we can further elucidate the divinely spiritual origins of Africa and her descendants by going directly to the Holy Bible.

In GENESIS, Chapter 2, verse 8 - 13, it states, 8 The Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden and there he put the man whom He had formed. 9 And out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food.

10 Now a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and it parted and became four river heads. 11 The name of the first river is Pishon; it is the one which skirts the whole land of Havilah where there is gold. 12 And the gold of that land is good. 13 The name of the second river is Gi'hon it is the one which goes around the whole land of Cush "Ethiopia."

Our historical study of geography teaches us that "CUSH" is the ancient name for "Ethiopia," and we can readily verify that this is a country in Africa.


The world's first recorded multi-genius resided within the Nile Valley Civilization "Egypt" named IMHOTEP. He lived approximately 2500BC. When we closely examine his name, it translates to "Prince of Peace." Im= Prince, Hotep = Peace. He was the first person anointed with this title.

In fact, IMHOTEP had numerous titles assigned to him such as, sage, poet, astronomer, philosopher, physician, mathematician, architect, and royal adviser to the Pharaoh Djoser. As an architect he was responsible for designing the worlds first Step Pyramid. As a philosopher he coined the phrases; "Eat drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we Die," and "Know thy truth, and it will make you Free."

IMHOTEP knew the blood circulation within the human body, and also had an in-depth understanding of the constellations before there were modern day medical devices or telescopes to view the cosmos. He was the first father of medicine, and everyone else including Hippocrates (who wasn't born until 460BC) came into Egypt to study the foundation that IMHOTEP and his forefathers had already established.


The Pharaoh Akhenaton was (one of) the first rulers in recorded history to believe in the concept of "One God" monotheism. He educated all the citizens of Egypt on this knowledge. Akhenaton was so spiritual that he built a city and dedicated it solely to religious practices. He lived in complete harmony with nature and the rhythm of life. Akhenaton was so peaceful that he would not crush a flower, and outlawed warfare. He was the first true nonviolent brother.


In approximately 1555BC, the Pharaoh Hatshepsut was the first woman in record history charged with running a nation, and was one of the greatest queens of ancient Egypt. Hatshepsut was a female pharaoh that acted as king and queen at the same time. She ruled over a 4,000 mile radius, and also developed the first method for Planned Parenthood by designing the world's first suppository to prevent pregnancy, originally called Hatshepsut Papyrus; renamed Ebers Papyrus by the British collector who acquired (purchased) this stolen Egyptian property.

Hatshepsut involved herself in foreign and domestic affairs, including extensive building development and commercial ventures. She also lead the way for the expansion of foreign trade while building one of the most magnificent Navy's in world history, and assigned her fellow African sisters to esteemed post in her government.


Amen was a prominent African priest who taught according to the mystery systems of Egypt, and was greatly cherished not only by Africans, but also by the European world. He was so loved that even after countless invasions to Africa by the Greeks, and then by the Romans, both governments made it a mandate that all prayers were to be closed using his name. This is why we still pronounce Amen's name after each prayer.


Pharaoh Ahmos was one of the first mathematicians to document his mathematical equations on papyrus called the Ahmos Papyrus. His geometric calculations were renamed the Rhind Papyrus after the British collector Rhind who acquired (purchased stolen property) it in 1858. These ancient mathematical calculations were written by Pharaoh Ahmos in Egypt 1650BC. The Rhind (Ahmos) Papyrus is located in the British Museum, and contains mathematical equations and solutions that are still seen as advanced by today's standards.



The above mentioned accomplishments by ancient Africans merely represent the tip of the iceberg regarding the monumental contributions that Black people have made to humanity, since time immemorial.


"Greek civilization derived its religion, its philosophy, its mathematics, and much else from the Ancient civilization of Africa above all else from the Nile Valley in Egypt. To the founding forefathers in classical Greece, the notion that the Africans were inferior, morally or intellectually would have been seen as absurd." (Close quote)
- Basil Davidson, Africa in History 1991

We can further authenticate the wisdom of African people prior to being invaded, subjugated and colonized by innumerable invaders by going directly to the Holy Bible once again. In ACTS, Chapter 7, Verse 22; it states: And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds.

Let's be clear that Moses was a "Black" Egyptian, and "not" the Arabianized, nor European Yule Brenner or Charleston Heston type that we get via the mainstream media "television".



- Count C.F. Volney's, RUINS OF EMPIRE, 1789


If the entire American population were properly educated - by properly educated, I mean given the true picture of the history and contributions of the black man - I think many whites would be less racist in their feelings.

They would have more respect for the black man as a human being. Knowing what the black man's contributions to science and civilization have been in the past, the white man's feelings of superiority would be at least partially negated.

Also, the feeling of inferiority that the black man has would be replaced by a balanced knowledge of himself. He'd feel more like a human being. He'd function more like a human being, in society of human beings. (Close quote)

- El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Minister Malcolm X) '1965

So, how did all of this change?


In 332BC the first solely European invasion took place on the continent of Africa by the subjugator, Alexander of Macedonia. Alexander was one of the first of many Europeans that began the copying, distorting, and plagiarizing of Ancient African text and literature. This was a systematic process of removing the names of the ancient African authors and assigned European authors to African works. In fact, it was Alexander that ordered the systematic destruction of the world's first university in Egypt. He did this of course, after removing Africa's valuable artifacts, literature, spiritual writings, and other documents of higher learning.

With the obliteration of the world's first university and all of its libraries, the European invaders began the systematic process of sexually exploiting the African females for their decadent pleasures. This produced innumerable interracial children, and is where Caucasians tend to stake their claim that Egypt was a white, not black civilization. It was through the bastardization of Africa's mothers and daughters that the coloration of the Egyptian people began to change from black to an interracial blend.

Alexander (the subjugator) began the wholesale destruction of a civilization that he did not have the wisdom to understand. This marked the beginning of the end, of the highest and most spiritual civilization the world has ever known.

Furthermore, during the Council of Nicaea 325AD (modern day Turkey), Emperor Constantine of Rome began to make critical changes to an Africa religion, by essentially writing Africans "Black People" out of their own religion. The deities that were formerly represented as black "African," became European. This is where the corruption and schism began on a mammoth scale. It was also at this time that Emperor Constantine began the process of invoking racial superiority into religious doctrine. These major changes to historical and biblical accounts continue to shape the minds of countless people in America and the world at large.


The Roman Catholic Church further institutionalized the concept of racial inferiority when Bishop Bartholomew de Las Casas on the island of Hispaniola (modern day Haiti) incorporated slavery into religious doctrine and reduced "African" people to infidels; a people outside of God's benevolence. He further stated to the colonial powers at that time, that they should not feel guilty about the subjugation of Africa's descendants, because they (Africans) are an infidel people not worthy of mercy.

Bishop Bartholomew along with Pope Martin V ordered the extraction of "free" Africans residing in Spain at the time, to be shipped out to the western world and reduced to servitude, "slaves". These were the same Africans that assisted in building Europe's first university; "the University of Salamanca in Spain". And In 1619, Sir John Hawkins transported the first Africans directly from Africa to the New World "America" to be reduced to servitude to their European captors.

The transportation of human cargo from Africa to the New World "America" was an extremely long and brutal voyage; many Africans died before reaching the shores of America, and were systematically thrown over board into the ocean.

By virtue of this practice, slave ships were always escorted by schools of sharks that would consume these bodies as they were tossed over board. During these voyages, Africans were cramped together like sardines in a can. They ate, and slept in their own human waste and vomit. Due to these conditions, disease was rampant...... And any African that became too sick to complete the voyage, was likewise thrown overboard in quick fashion by their European host.

African females were brutalized on an unconscionable level, as their European captors used them for their perverted sexual pleasures. These African sisters were repeatedly gang rape, and forced to perform the most unspeakable acts. For the colonial captors that preferred men, they received a similar treatment. Upon reaching the shores of the New World "America" the brutality got exceedingly worst.

Families were immediately ripped apart, husbands, wives and children were sold to different plantation owners in quick fashion as one would do with any other commodity. Those that did not comply were immediately beaten, brutalized and strapped to a tree or pole, and left out in the hot sun with open wounds until they did comply, or simply died.

Other forms of punishment were to strap the African male to two horses pointed in opposite directions, and have the horse literally rip them apart. Human branding, beatings, castrations, lynching, being burned alive, and slave breeding farms were a daily part of slave life in the "New World" America.

The trafficking of human souls created a vast African Diaspora. Millions of Africans were ripped from their homeland, and transported in chains to a brutally hostile and cruel world. By 1770, Africans comprised of more than 40% of the population in Maryland and Virginia.

The unrestricted barbarism, totalitarianism and degradation along with a complete cultural genocide inflicted upon people of African descent by their European host during the African Holocaust of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade still has deep rooted and long lasting affects in the 21st Century. This so-called divine enslavement by Europeans against African "Black" people is what continues to fuel the dysfunctional, psychopathic, and disparaging mind set of countless individuals to date in regards to their malnourished interpretation of Black people worldwide.

Slavery in America and the rest of the European world was not only a means to an end, but an "institutionalized" way of life world wide. For the very fabric of American and European civilizations were built by the forced labor, paid for with the blood, sweat, and lives of Africans. In fact, the wealth from Africa still feeds and fuels the world's economies today, from Europe, America, Middle East and Asia.

In 1829 David Walker made an appeal to the consciousness of Christian America while presenting the question; how can a truly Christian (so-called Godly) nation behave in such a manner? David Walker's appeal can be read by going to the URL link below.



While destroying Africa, its people and its culture; people were taught to detest everything Black. In the American Heritage dictionary, Third Edition; we get definitions of Black such as; 1. Evil, 2. Wicked, 3. Calamitous, and 4. Mark by Danger.

Throughout countless years of fabricated European literature, Black people were being psychologically murdered while all of humanity were being taught to despise everything black. It's no wonder that most of the world is terrified of everything black, including Black people. According to the definitions and teachings of European literature, there's nothing good about blackness.

However, I have a few definitions of my own regarding the essence of Blackness;

1. The color of the micro and macro universe where all life begins. 2. A sign of financial growth & stability, i.e., (being in the black), 3. A sign of power and knowledge, i.e., (judges wear black robes, and academic graduates wear a black cap & gown), 4. A sign of elegance, i.e., (a black tie affair, event). 5. Dominant, i.e., (not recessive).

Nonetheless, psychological warfare was implemented on the Black family and culture. The physical hatred that was produced in Africa was also being shaped in the hearts and minds of countless "African" black people here in America.

In addition, the racially charged statements by one of America's founding fathers Thomas Jefferson in his Notes on Virginia, ceaselessly propelled the notion of racial superiority to ever increasing heights, when he quoted that;

"I advance it therefore as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. The improvement of blacks in body and mind, has been observed by everyone, and proves that their inferiority is not merely the effect of their condition (as slaves in America)". Close quote.

Thomas Jefferson's Notes on Virginia can be read at the URL link below:

Thomas Jefferson's Notes on Virginia:

Albeit that intrepid individuals such as; the Honorable Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Minister Malcolm X, Adam Clayton Powell, Eldridge Cleaver, Huey P. Newton, Stokley Carmichael, H. Rapp Brown and innumerable others made tremendous strides in the advancement of people of color; the sad fact remains, that the moral direction, leadership and insights that these astute men presented during their era has been strangely silent and sufficiently lulled asleep in the minds of too many Black men in the 21st century.

Jewish people have a saying that goes, "Never Again." We must set forth directives based on these same principles, and say, "Never Again." It is imperative that we begin to understand, and support Congressman Conyers Jr. proposed Bill, H.R.40.

Bill H.R.40:



It is utterly mind-boggling to entertain the disparities between what most white males think represents success, and what black males think represents success. Most white males think that going to Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Stanford represents the pinnacle of success; while too many young black males believe that becoming a rapper, basketball player, or some form of entertainer does.

Don't get me wrong, being an entertainer or sport figure is an honorable profession; however, the academic and intellectual dissimilarity between a doctor, lawyer, scientist and a professor, are worlds apart from a rapper or basketball player.

Who established this paradigm?

When I reflect on the African American images via the mainstream media during my childhood in the 1960's and 1970's; these images did not promote academic studies within the Black community. The constant imagery convey to Black Americans were that of "Super fly," "The Mack," or the Starsky and Hutch character of "Huggy Bear."

These were images of pimps, drug dealers or some other variation of a criminal element. It is what has been commonly referred to as "Blackploitation". The larger question is this; has this contaminated mind-set really changed in the 21st century African American community?

Too many of today's black youth so aptly refer to themselves as pimps, nigga's, players, gangsta's, dogs and every other negative characteristic instead of feeding their minds with healthy intellectual thoughts and ideals.

It is time for Black people to stop playing games with their own minds, and begin to feed themselves with the things that encourage togetherness, cultural pride, unity, family, and economic empowerment. It is of the essence that we take ourselves more serious, and develop into the international powerhouse that our ancestral history reflects that we are.

Moreover, the proliferation of liquor stores, guns and drugs in the Black neighborhood are another indication that nothing beneficial can manifest within our communities until we begin to systematically eradicate these destructive mechanisms in our social enclaves.

It is critically important for Black Americans to remember that we are not far from the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was a mere forty two (42) years ago. If you were black and born in 1964 America; or anytime before then, you were born during a time where you or your parents did not have the right to vote in the land of the so-called free. Too many Black Americans have become apathetic, as if the struggle has been won.

Brother Malcolm stated that people of color and Americans in general have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, run amuck and lead astray. It remains of the essence that we begin to address the deceptive history and trickery presented to us as the truth. Then, and only then, can we begin to remove the chains of mental slavery, and refuse to be hoodwinked ever again.


The continued marginalization of Africa and her descendants is another indication, that there continues to be much to conceal. Most of the world minerals are still supplied by the continent of Africa in the 21st century. Africa has always been a land highly rich in diamonds, gold, sliver, cobalt, magnesium, titanium, uranium, vast food supplies, and an assortment of metals that the world needs, but doesn't want to pay for. So therefore, there has always been an excuse to portray Africa as insignificant, so that the people who are currently running the world's economy would have to pay very little, or absolutely nothing for the billions of dollars in natural resources being extracted out of Africa on a daily basis.

The ruthless control of Africa's natural resources from the Congo to South Africa by a myriad of multi-national companies continues to give the minority rule in Africa access to over ninety (90) percent of the world's natural resources. This well-designed exercise allows European's to continue to dominate the world's economy, by any means necessary.

It is no mistake that one of the largest diamond mining, processing, and distribution company, "De Beers"; established their headquarters in South Africa in the 1950's. De Beers is not a company either owned nor operated by the indigenous people on the continent; but is owned and operated by colonial exploiters that continue to rape Africa of its natural resources.

Furthermore, it is blatantly obvious that during the Rwandan conflict, and now with the genocide in Darfur by Arab (Muslim) militia - that the United States and the western colonial powers continue to remain categorically unresponsive in regards to the slaughtering of millions of Africans. In fact, they continue to simply look the other way, as innumerable Africans are butchered. However, during the Kosovo conflict things were handled in an extremely different matter. The people being slaughtered during the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo were Muslim by faith, but racially speaking, mostly European; white people. And the western colonial powers proceeded into that region of the world like gangbusters to quell that conflict.

There is no legitimate explanation why millions of innocent Africans continue to suffer and die while the international community; including America merely looks the other way.

Brothers and sisters, we must begin to love, honor and respect ourselves, our culture, our communities, and our families more than anyone else.


Brother Malcolm stated that; "If a cat has kittens in an oven, we still call them kittens, not little ovens." The meaning of this analogy is clear. Where you are born, doesn't change who you are.

The path to power for Black people will remain the reinstatement of our relationship with our brothers and sisters across the Atlantic in Africa. It is highly critical that we begin to understand that whoever controls Africa's economy, with its vast food, minerals, and natural resources controls the world's economy.

We must understand that we are a global people with international implications. We cannot allow ourselves to be continually bamboozled and hoodwinked by the game of divide and conquer any longer. A Pan African consciousness is imperative to our success and survival on the planet. Without it, we may soon perish just like the ancient Egyptians.

"Where there is no vision, the people Perish." PROVERBS 29:18









Destiny Or Hoodwinked? by M. Quinn

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