False Positive - “The HIV testing Conundrum”

by M. Quinn

Regrettably, a vigorous discourse within the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) and the medical community has been kept virtually concealed from the public domain, and continues to stun those who ascertain access to this knowledge. The discussion centers on an issue in which the medical community and its governing body have not arrived on clear and concise answers too.

So therefore, in the interest of public access to supplementary knowledge on the matters relating to HIV/AIDS, I present this article not as a definitive statement regarding the accuracies, or inaccuracies on the methodologies of HIV testing. The following information is merely designed to convey certain facts widely known by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the medical industry; then the reader can conduct their own research and decide for themselves between what is entirely factual, and what is fiction.

Within the confines of western medicine, the duplicity and enormous contradictions presented in today’s medical practices and the credo that every doctor purportedly adheres too called the “Hippocratic Oath”, has always astounded me. Furthermore, since the medical industry in the west has morphed into solely capitalist enterprise, its sincerity to the health and welfare of the people must come under meticulous scrutiny.

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False Positive - “The HIV Testing Conundrum” by M. Quinn

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