International Guerilla Warfare

by M. Quinn

As the United States of America continues to exclaim around the world, that it produces some of the best-known minds in the area of science, technology, and strategic military warfare, it remains rather peculiar that these alleged great thinkers of the western world have not been able to figure out an adequate solution to the current quagmire in Iraq.

Part of the reason for the current social, political and military stalemate in Iraq is unquestionably connected to the approach by those on the extreme "Right" who supported this blatantly unjustified war.

Since the Vietnam War, the United States has never been able to adapt, nor successfully engage at winning a military conflict that has risen to the level of guerilla warfare. Hence, the utterly deplorable body count of those young men and women that have gone to Iraq vis-a-vis the protection of supposed American sovereignty, never to return alive.

It boggles the mind to bear witness to the United States, Britain and the imperial powers relentlessly forging forward in a conflict that they ultimately will not be successful in winning.

The realization has not settled in the minds of those so-called brilliant thinkers at the Pentagon, nor in Britain's elite MI 6 Brigade, that an international guerilla war is one that they will surely loose.

Military strategist and political pundits have already surmised, that the current groups of fighters that have been labeled as terrorist, operate in cells on an international scale. This means the ability to strike anywhere, at anytime; hence the possibility of an international guerilla war.

Intelligence communique has identified these alleged factions (cells) in Britain, France, Germany, Canada, America, Africa, Asia and in countless other parts of the world. What part of this equation doesn't the Bush Administration understand? With a body of fighters with this kind of international circumference, the current strategy against terrorism will remain futile at best.

When a people have conceded their fight to be against oppression and duplicitous international policies by the western world, and their frame of reference is profoundly woven into their cultural and sometimes religious beliefs; one cannot execute, nor imprison enough of these alleged terrorist fast enough to truly have any long lasting influence on the world stage.

America must understand that it's so-called Democracy appears as Hypocrisy when it invades and occupies a country (such as Iraq) that had nothing to do with (911) the fatal World Trade Center attack, while now refusing to pull-out in the name of professed Democracy.

In addition, it has been categorically proven that there are other parts of the world that pose an even more imminent threat to America (such as North Korea and China), and the United States continues to circumvent, or make repeated excuses for handling these countries much differently.

The so-called intellectual and strategic I.Q. at the Pentagon and in the White House should realize that their current methodology in Iraq, and now possibly Iran is a no win situation.

America has always been horrible at fighting a guerilla war within the confines of a given country. Therefore, what makes the United States, Britain and the rest of the imperial powers believe that they will truly succeed in an "International Guerilla War"; as this thing can quickly become.

In an "International Guerilla War", with the innumerable amount of worldwide soft targets that can be hit at any given time, everyone looses because the first thing to be eliminated will be the civil liberties of the citizens of the free world. Yes, this means your right to move about freely and unimpeded in the land of the free will no longer exist. This also means that homeland security could possibly become world security, and the Patriot Act will be sanctioned on a global scale.

In the name of justice, and to diminish further bloodshed in his country, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has invoked an extremely courageous move in the Gaza Strip, where Jewish settlers are now required to relinquish the land that was once Palestine back to its native people.

It will remain critically important in the coming months and years for President George W. Bush and his Administration to utilize more brains than brute force in finding adequate diplomatic solutions (as Ariel Sharon did) toward the protection of the American people, and global harmony.

As a sovereign nation, America must begin to move beyond the reactionary pretext of fear, to truly safeguard its citizens. It must likewise relinquish the hypocritical international policies of its own governmental body toward instituting true peace in the world community.

International Guerilla Warfare by M. Quinn

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