Geopolitical Warfare

by M. Quinn

Prior to the invasion of Iraq in ‘2003; the Bush Administrations entire campaign for regime change and the removal of Saddam Hussein was based on misinformation, and the art of misdirection. In making his case, President Bush stated that there was irrefutable evidence that Iraq posed a biological threat to the United States, and would soon pose a nuclear threat. The words that President Bush used were that Iraq was an imminent threat to the security of America. This has been proven to be categorically untrue.

The campaign prior to the assault on Iraq was high on rhetoric but lacked any real substance. Vice President Dick Cheney repeatedly made the charge that America would be received with open arms by the Iraqi populous, and would be seen as liberators. Well, this did not exactly happen.

Furthermore, President Bush completely isolated the United States from its allies by refusing to operate within the mandate of the world community, and UN Charter (Article 41 and 42, Chapter VII); by essentially warning countries such as France, Germany, Russia and innumerable others, that you are either with us, or you are against us!

In fact, Mr. Bush used those exact words in a press conference. This type of insolent attitude by the Commander and Chief of a sovereign nation has produced more enemies than alliances for the United States of America.

Many political pundits have surmised, that there is more tyranny and chaos in Iraq now, than there ever was during Saddam’s regime. Upon interviewing an Iraqi citizen; he stated that the water supply, electricity, food distribution and living conditions in his country are ten (10) times worse with the American occupation than it ever was during Saddam’s government.

The invasion of Iraq has produced more militant factions and insurgent terrorism than has ever existed in Iraqi’s history. Therefore, invading Iraq was counter productive to Mr. Bush’s alleged war on terrorism. One cannot use gasoline to extinguish a fire, and by doing so, burn down an entire city block without being completely responsible for the outcome. The American people are now left with a very expensive military debacle and gross miscalculation, which continues to be funded with American taxpaying dollars.

In January 2005, the Bush Administration presented a proposal to Congress and received the approval for an additional eighty billion dollars for this flagrant miscalculation. According to recent estimates by expert financial analyst, the cost for the war on terrorism will exceed an estimated $300 billion dollars by the end ‘2005. By all measures, this astounding disbursement of U.S. currency means that the American economy will be driven deeper into debt, and the additional bloodshed will result in the lost of more innocent American and Iraqi life. This is lunacy…...

Innumerable investigations have presented irrefutable evidence, that Iraq did not pose an imminent threat to the sovereignty or security of America, nor possessed any WMD (weapons of mass-destruction) at the time of the assault. So, why did President George W. Bush and his administration decide to invade at this time?


Let’s be clear, the invasion of Iraq was dual in nature at best; to strategically control the critical oil supply produced by the country, and secondarily to democratize a very important region of the Muslim world. Both actions have failed miserably.

The Bush Administrations lack of planning and execution during the invasion of Iraq comes at a time when the United States is already seven (7) trillion dollars in debt, education programs across the nation are being cut, homelessness is rampant, unemployment is high, and more Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

It is my belief, that no further funds, nor human life should be allocated for this exercise in “Geopolitical Warfare”, and Americas complete focus should be on an exit strategy with the assistance of the United Nations, the international community, and the Iraqi government.

In conclusion, we must realize that President Bush has utterly failed to keep his pledge during his inaugural speech when he articulated, that his first priority will be toward America, and its citizens. It is time to stop the needless bleeding of human life in Iraq, and the downward spiral of the American economy.

Whatever happened to charity starting at home, Mr. Bush?

I implore all American citizens to refuse to make future political decisions be it local, state or federal; based on raw emotions or a knee jerk reaction to fear. We must refuse to ever allow the likes of President George W. Bush and his conservative cronies within the Republican GOP (Grand Ole Party) to hoodwink, bamboozle or fleece this country ever again.

Geopolitical Warfare by M. Quinn

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