Those Who Forget The Past - "Are Condemned to Repeat It"

by M. Quinn

Unfortunately, there are those who believe that the racial, social, economic and political reconciliation for people of color - more specifically African Americans is a thing of the past, and by the mere byproduct of integrated schools, bathrooms, restaurants and buses the fight for racial justice in America has been won - nothing could be further from the truth. If nothing else, history has undeniably taught us that authentic freedom is not merely derived in the physical sense, but is established within the liberation of ones mind, i.e. knowing who you are.

Moreover, there are likewise those in mainstream America who suggest, that Black Americans should cease their complaining about racism and expeditiously pull themselves up by their own boot straps. It becomes increasingly apparent that these individuals are; A) Severely under the spell of European American propaganda, B) Lack the essential attribute of authentic African history and any historical reference to the problem that we call racism, and the philosophy racial superiority, C) just simply ignorant, or D) all the above.

If the methodology of simply having an entire culture that were stripped of the knowledge of self and systematically brain washed for several hundred years were as uncomplicated as to simply have an entire people pull up their own boots straps, and that African Americans have collectively simply failed to do so, then one would have to surmise that Black Americans are just dumb, or are invariably underachievers. This is absurd.

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Those Who Forget The Past - "Are Condemned to Repeat It" by M. Quinn

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