An Exploited Mother

by M. Quinn

Enormously atrocious and barbaric "crimes against humanity" continues to sweep across the continent of Africa, where millions of indigenous men, women and children are needlessly dying from starvation, malnutrition and a host of diseases that we in the industrialized world would survive.

The absurdity to this entirely overwhelming loss of human life, is that mostly major European companies continue to extract millions of metric tons in food, minerals and natural resources from the continent of Africa while give very little, or nothing at all in return toward assisting Africa’s indigenous people - Black folk.

According to an article published in August 2005 by Dalatou Mamane of the Associated Press in the San Jose Mercury News; countries such as Mauritania, Niger and in many other African communities, inhabitants are needlessly dying in record numbers, do to the exploitation of “Mother Africa” by European industrialized nations.

This catastrophic event in human deprivation and anguish has prompted visits to the continent by such dignitaries as UN Secretary, Kofi Annan along with an entourage of more than 100 officials, journalist and like-minded people. Kofi Annan has gone on the record publicly stating that the food supply in many regions has become too expensive for the poor people of African to purchase, which in turn has left countless African families dying from malnutrition and starvation.

To date, the regions of the continent of Africa from the Congo to South Africa still produces more than 80 - 90 percent of the worlds known natural resources. These include diamonds, gold, and the strategic metals needed to supply the industrialized world; not to mention the world’s food supply.

It is a well-known fact, that Africa has been historically called the breadbasket to the European world; and if not for the food supply and natural resources extracted from the continent of Africa, the European nations (and the rest of the industrialized world, including America) would not have reached the political and economic zenith that we bear witness to today.

In the early 1950's one of the world’s largest diamond mining and distribution companies "De Beers" established its headquarters in South Africa and continues to extract billions of dollars in diamonds from the continent annually; while poverty, disease, and death runs rampant on the indigenous people.

Why is it that, a continent that produces hundreds of billions – if not trillions of dollars annually in gold, and diamonds; not to mention the minerals and natural resources, such as; cobalt, titanium, manganese, zinc, copper etc. (that continues to be extracted daily by European companies) can’t seem to find enough wealth, nor food to feed its own native inhabitants? Exploitation!

The relevant question that remains is this; how can the professed moral nations of the world remain silent and allow the unrelenting raping of the richest real estate on the planet, while starving its native people and producing homelessness, poverty, death and countless orphans in the process?

In the early part of the twentieth century, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated that Africa is the cradle of civilization; and represents the progenitor of all human existence. Subsequently, Archeologist such as Dr. Louis Leaky has substantiated this claim. Africa remains the respective Mother of all the world’s nations.

How much longer will we as a people allow our respective mother to be abused, misused, raped, and marginalized in this fashion? To say nothing about the dehumanizing treatment of its native people - Africans.

It is time that the Black political leadership - if they can be found, clergy, activist and all the moral citizens of the world, demand that all the nations that are bleeding Africa and its people to death of its natural resources, from this blatant form of exploitation, present themselves in front of the United Nations to answer for these crimes against humanity. It is imperative, that we come to the aide of our exploited “Mother”, Africa, and bring an end to the abuse, misuse and degradation of her land and people.

As we proceed into the twenty first century, it is critically important that we begin formulating strategies to correct the blatant "human right" violations perpetrated upon our land, Africa; and our people - Africans worldwide.

An Exploited Mother by M. Quinn

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