An Excerpt from "Removing The Veil"

by M. Quinn

Part One

As countless Americans continue to echo that familiar theme, that "race relations in American society are much improved"; one has to wonder about the delusional state of these individuals.

If the above statement is true, then why are African American males primarily, continually judged (IQ determined) by the style of their clothes, and the styles of their hair; while their Caucasian counterparts are not judged by the same criteria? American “whites” have come up with a new terminology for a look that can only be described as a look of destitute – they call it the grunge look, i.e. untidy clothing, tousled hair; essentially unkempt. However, this surely does not impede many Caucasians from attaining employment, nor are they automatically prejudged based on this disheveled appearance.

Furthermore, during the Oprah Winfrey show on “Racism in America” in February ‘2006 entitled “Trading Races”; some Caucasians expressed the need to wash their hands after coming in contact with “or” shaking hands with someone Black, i.e., an African American. In another comment the sentiments were that “Blacks” in America prided themselves on being stupid, and flaunted it like a badge of honor.

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An Excerpt from M. Quinn's book, Removing The Veil

An Excerpt from "Removing The Veil" by M. Quinn

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