Ethnic Conflict

"Or an effect of European colonial rule"

by M. Quinn

The strategy of dividing and conquering the hearts, minds and lands of indigenous people to exploit their native soil of its natural resources is a well employed technique, and has resulted in creating abject poverty, disease, famine and untold deaths within these subjugated regions.

While innumerable media accounts have attempted to articulate the ethnic conflict between the Hutu's and Tutsis which represented itself as one of the bloodiest confrontations in human history in which an astounding 800,000 African men, women and children were slaughtered in a mere three months; these accounts for all intents and purposes have remained wholly inaccurate and extremely disingenuous in demonstrating the motivating factors behind the European colonial rule which continues to incite, finance and maintain a myriad of schisms between the indigenous people on the continent of Africa.

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Ethnic Conflict by M. Quinn

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