A Time To Stand And Deliver

by M. Quinn

While political pundits and journalists both nationally and internationally continue to weigh in charging the U.S. Government Ė more specifically President George W. Bush and his Administration with everything from ineptitude, blatant racism, and mass-murder; the so-called Black leadership in America has yet to take command of their respective roles, and demand that an independent investigation and hearings are held immediately on Capital Hill.

Letís be clear, that the lion share of people in New Orleans suffered and died, not as a result from Hurricane Katrina itself, but from the non-response by the U.S. Government in the days after the levee broke. This earth-shaking tragedy was broadcast on every major news channel around the world, and there is no coherent reason for the federal government to take a week to respond.

Every conscience Black leader from Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton along with the entire body of the Congressional Black Caucus should be leading the way, and demanding that an independent investigation take place for this grossly callous response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina by U.S. Officials.

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A Time To Stand And Deliver by M. Quinn

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