Dear Mr. President

by M Quinn

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC. 20500
Attention: President Barack Obama

Cc: Congressional Black Caucus, House of Representatives

July 9, 2015

Dear Mr. President:

During the course of your tenure as Commander and Chief of these United States, I've appealed to you, the Democratic Party, the Congressional Black Caucus and the House of Representatives on numerous occasions regarding the implementation of my campaign; "A Comprehensive Study of Racism" as a core curriculum within our nation.

Regrettably, the collective response from these offices including your own (the White House) in support of this endeavor has been deafening silent, and to no avail.

As the execution of African American men continue to escalate within the confines of America, the absolute need for a national curriculum, discourse and education on the matter of racism remains highly relevant in today's society.

So therefore Mr. President, as the descent of your tenure begins as our nationís leader; I respectfully make this appeal to you once again in support of my campaign; "A Comprehensive Study of Racism" as a core curriculum in the United States of America.

I equally implore you to display the moxie, courage and truthfulness in which you entered the political arena of Washington DC, which energized and electrified voters to come out and support you in tremendous numbers during your first election.

Mr. President, we as the collective citizenry of the United States of America implore you not to be just another gatekeeper of the social inequality, bigotry and racism of American aristocracy. Thank you!

M. Quinn

Dear Mr. President by M Quinn

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