A Comparison of Historical Literature

by M. Quinn

When we juxtapose the literature of ancient Africa by taking a judicious and comprehensive look at the annals of world literature - it becomes undoubtedly apparent that the literary works of the ancient African world in Egypt eclipses every other culture on the historical map. It is within the context and totality of the ancient African civilization of Egypt, that we bear witness to the first comprehensive writing the world has ever known.

The literature of ancient Egypt predates any literary works produced within Europe by at least nine thousand (9,000) years. One of the first forms of written expression in ancient Africa was the ten thousand (10,000BC) year old stellar calendar - where the indigenous people charted time according to the stars. This was the first production of a calendar in recorded history. The utilization of this calendar existed for nearly six thousand (6,000) years, only to be replaced by the solar calendar in 4100BC.

It was not until eight hundred thirty-three (833BC) that the first form of written or literary expression was produced in the land that we now refer to as Europe; by the European writer Homer, - what is known today as "The Iliad and the Odyssey."

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A Comparison of Historical Literature by M. Quinn

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