The Boogeyman Affect

by M. Quinn

It bewilders every dimension of human intellect and logic that, so-called mature adults would repeatedly allow themselves to be victimized by a childhood fear.

Case and point, why do most children have an outright fear of the dark? It is because of something that allegedly looms in the midst of the blackness of night which cannot be seen, i.e. the boogeyman, monsters, etc.

Commencing with the grave tragedy of September 11th (911), the Bush Administration has repeatedly used the strategy of fear, i.e. (the boogeyman affect) not only to effectively divide the American people against one another, but also to maintain a GOP stronghold on Capital Hill.

The American people have been played like the proverbial Stradivarius into steadfastly adopting a fear base life style on the presumption of the unknown, and the continued echoes to watch out for a host of purported threats from al-Qaeda, to the random terrorist act, illegal immigration, gay marriage, and the perpetual Muslim extremist.

In fact, this same methodology was employed during the 2004 Presidential race, when the entire Republican campaign for re-election centered on Iraq, and ubiquitous Islamic fundamentalist. The Bush Administration executed an effective strategy of playing the terrorist card, and exploiting the fears of the American people by invoking the boogeyman strategy to sure up their campaign for the presidency while repeatedly asking the question; who would you prefer in the White House a gun slinging cowboy from Texas like W, or a refined preppy from Massachusetts like John Kerry?

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The Boogeyman Affect by M. Quinn

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