21st Century Blackploitation

by M. Quinn

Conventional wisdom denotes that hindsight is 20/20. An illuminating hindsight moment has recently revealed itself upon my consciousness while reading of the latest entrepreneurial enterprise by Hip-hop music and apparel mogul Russell Simmons called “Motherland Grillz”. This endeavor was ostensibly a manifestation of an alleged all expense paid fact finding mission to Africa by the DeBeers company; which just happens to be one of the largest diamond mining and colonial exploiters within the diamond rich regions of Africa.

To my chagrin, I previously put forth immense adulation toward Russell’s alleged intrepid work in the New York political arena, in an article titled “Straight Outta Queens”. Nevertheless, considering his latest endeavor to manufacture and market these specialized “Grillz” to Africa's youth, it has become painfully evident that his political escapade in New York can only be interpreted as just another hollow gesture by another one of America’s so-called Black elite.

Motherland Grillz principal objective as articulated from the mouth of Russell himself, is to provide young African men and women on the continent the opportunity to have the same kind of Hip-hop image as American youth through the manufacturing of specialized “Grillz” derived from the resources of the Motherland. Never mind raising the socioeconomic standing of African men and women on the continent who are continually forced to live in extremely dire strait conditions through the apportionment of higher education, better housing, medical supplies, job opportunities or the advancement of their intellectual capabilities; give’em “Grillz”.

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21st Century Blackploitation by M. Quinn

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