A Bizarre Liaison

by M. Quinn

When we take a candidly insightful and unbiased look at America’s historical relationship with people of African descent, it becomes unquestionably apparent that a redress of this relationship is imperative.

The connection between those we so aptly refer to as Black People and those of European descent has always been an unbalanced arrangement and a bizarre liaison within the confines of American’s social structure of aristocracy. Are we to believe that this type of inequitable political, social, and economic interaction could ever truly have any gratifying permanence for those who are at the substructure of this arrangement?

Within the totality of American history, there have always been laws and bylaws that were designed to maintain the status quo and imbalance in the relationships between Africans and Europeans. As we proceed into the 21st century and beyond, it remains critically important that we re-examine, and redress the erroneous beliefs, fears and errors in these relationships in order to implement a more balanced interaction.

However, before proceeding forward with a redress of these relationships, it is necessary for the betterment of these cultural interactions that we take a judicious look at how these broken down relations began. It is also vital that we take a look at some of the laws that promoted this toxic union.

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A Bizarre Liaison by M. Quinn

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