Addressing American Racism

Within context to its origins

by M. Quinn

Every human impediment has its origins, and the social sickness of American racism is no different. It remains critically important to our survival as a nation, and likewise a human family, that we begin to thoroughly recognize that to achieve a complete understanding on the ignoble barrier of racism, we must judiciously address the who, why and where of this deceitful monster.

The predicament of institutional racism did not begin in a vacuum, nor can it be discussed or resolved in a vacuum. This societal encumbrance must be addressed from a historical, not a contemporary perspective. Many notable historians, author's, and intellectuals have effectively articulated the breadth and depth of this calamity, along with its far-reaching ramifications; and it remains rather disingenuous that a self-professed moral nation (as in the case of the United States of America) has not adequately educated its citizens on the origins of this contaminated frame of reference by effectively incorporating a comprehensive study of racism into its academic system with the expressed intent of addressing this psychological illness; which by the way, was produced wholly out of European ideals and social practices.


The concept of race and alleged racial superiority fit into a social requirement of a thoroughly exploitative period in the development of Western (European) man. The idea of race was developed in direct response to the exploitation of other people, to provide both a pretext and a justification for the most unjustifiable conduct, the enslavement, murder, and degradation of millions of human beings; ˘Africans". (Paraphrase ű close quote)

- Dr. Ashley Montagu - Race, Science and Humanity 1963



I believe that I can show that our converging contemporary crisis, like racism itself, has its origins in the prehistory of the white race alone". (Close quote)

- Michael Bradley - The Iceman Inheritance 1978

Any adequate recourse in addressing and formulating sustainable solutions in regards to the dilemma of racism must be produced out of a complete examination of where racism started; why it was started, and who unleashed this fiendish ideology upon the human family. This essential element has been absent from the discourse and consistently ignored for far too long; and must be incorporated into any practical antidote. Furthermore, it remains downright insincere and utter folly for anyone to attempt to engage in a genuine discourse on the matter of American racism out of context to its origins.

In fact, most psychologist agree, that when attempting to address a particular mental illness, or a mentally destructive learned behavior (as in the case of racism), it remains imperative that one make their appeal at the source (origins) of the problem to effective deal with it. What most so-called pundits are continually leaving out of the discourse is; where did this polluted behavior began, and why it was implemented in the first place.

We must cease in being reactionary while revolving incessantly in a perpetual cycle of cultural stagnation or putting forth superficial remedies to this undeniable social sickness; and begin to genuinely address the matter of racism within context to its origins. Then, and only then, can sustainable solutions be put forth to genuinely confront this despicable philosophy, and thus, this may perhaps initiate a historic transformation which is surely needed within American society.





Addressing American Racism by M. Quinn

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