What Kind of Woman?

by Vanessa Williams Luster

What kind of woman can I be?
Shall I be?
Could I be?
May I be?
Suppose to be?
Gonna be?
Will be?

A strong one?
A bold one?
A weak one?
A fat one?
A skinny one?
A God fearing one?

Ok,  what about a honest one?
One that lie? And lie very very well.
A submissive one?
A domestic one?
Please dont tell me what I can be, 
I'll be what ever I want to be.
Hey!!! I'm a woman for me, 
for all to see.
Feel me?

I'm sexy,  I'm sweet, 
I'm good for all to want to eat.
I'm sensual, I'm tender and meek, I
'm oh so sleek, wanna peek?
What kinda of woman are you to be?
I'm desperate, I'm vunerable, I'm cute, 
I can be smooth as silk.
I'm young, I'm old, 
I'm standing firm and oh so cold.
I'm glad , I'm sad, I'm happy,  
now I'm mad!! I can be true, 
when I desire to.
I can be helpful thru and thru. 

Alright, I can be deceiving, believing, 
receiving, retrieving.
Oh yeahh, that's me, 
catch me if you can, 
if you want, 
if you think that you have a chance.
Ok, I can be comforting, 
share compassion, make love ,  show love, 
beloved, conquer love, 
love love, hate love, 
and all the above.
You can't touch me, 
get your hands off me, 
who said that you could touch me?
I despise rape!!!
enter at your own fate!
Hey! dont mess with me, 
are you crazy, I'm a woman.

I'm cunning, I'm hunting, 
I'm oh so desirable, inviting, 
I smell real good.
I cook, I clean.
I can be rewarding as the next human being.
My skin so soft, maybe rough, 
oh yeah, I can be tough, 
when I have to be, 
and being a woman, 
thats all the freaking time, 
do I need to repeat?

Ok, ok I'm intelligent, I 'm wise, 
I can be dumb, I'm full of surprises.
Hey I'm a woman, a mother,  
a father, a sister and a brother.
I can be your good friend or your evil nitemare.
I can be your dream of all dreams, 
I can make you laugh,  
I can make you cry, 
I can give life, 
or I can die the die,
this I must reply.
Not to deny, just occupy, 
by and by, shall I  apply?

What woman? I'm black, I'm white, 
I'm tall, I'm short. Out of sight.
I'm blind, I can see, I'm sick, I'm well, 
trying to make it to heaven.
Want to avoid hell. Oh well.
One, two, three, four, 
I'm a woman and a whole lot more.
I want you to remember this and that.
Believe it or not, its just a fact, 
I'm a woman, 
my mama taught me that!!!!

dedications: Women of this Planet (you go girl!!!)

What Kind of Woman? by Vanessa Williams Luster

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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