by Vanessa Williams Luster

Sitting here thinking about things that I just cant make sense of.
No matter how hard I try,I tell myself dont think of others 
thoughts,but of my own.
Thinking about Love,what is it to think about?I ask myself.
Oh how people talk so highly of it,its such a misunderstanding.
You try so hard to accomplish,you get tired of tring to.

You have your feelings,so what about feelings?I ask myself.
I love and let Love,be Loved .
Step back!Look, Listen,Take hold,Beware !
You know some people just dont know,you want to tell 
them,but you cant do so.

I feel so stupid,but not dumb,I feel hate but cant show it.
You have all these things capture inside you.
Let them out!I cant ,I wont!
Stop! Look,Listen,Beware!
Quit,I cant,the world is so mysterious,so are some of the 
that dwell within it.
Romance,what about it?I ask, get it ,want it!
I feel that my mind is about to lose its knowledge.
I cant do that to myself.
Stand,Sit,Makelove,for what?Lovemaking is so unique within
the domestic lovemaker.

Should you love someone like a flower?pick it,let die,then 
throw it away.
Should you love someone like hair?have it long,then cut it oh so 
What about you loving someone like mud?step in it,then wash 
it away.Cant you feel this? No I wont!

Can you make love to someone, but yet want to make love to
someone else?
Lets think about money, what is it to think about?want it,need it,
cant get it.
What about dreams?Everyone have them,dream it,remember
it,forget it.You are so hard,so what!
Should you love someone and dont mean it within your self?
Lets think about hurt,what about it?Hurt someone and carry on.
No! cant do that.

Can you make love to someone the old fashion way?
Whats that?Loving the lovemate,at the same time that you 
make love.
Lets think about Happiness,dont need to do that,why not?
Because its not fair,get real!Be happy for life,I guess so.

Thinking by Vanessa Williams Luster

© Copyright 1979. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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