Love Dove

by Vanessa Williams Luster and Quinton L. Youmans

Dedication: To All The Online Lovers

One nite I was online and suddently I fell in love.
Never happened to me before, must have been sent  from above.
That's what I thought, it feels like I've been bitten by a love 
The bites are so gentle, his words so sweet.
Wish I could see him, wish we could meet.
I know this might sound so incomplete.
I've never heard his voice, just his pleasant word of choice.
But to me I feel as if it would kiss me now, his kisses
would be oh so moist.
With my lips on his lips, no need to hear his voice.
Ok, I shake my head, I must be dreaming to have found 
who is so unmisled.
He leading me down that road of pleasure and passion.
Sometime I get scared, his words just rattle all day in my head.
But I love it all, this is something that must be said.
Got to have him online, if not in my bed.
I mean can this be reality or an online love instead.
Because he tells me he loves me, but never been in my bed.
But oh dear sir, yes indeed you've been in my bed.
If only by dreams of it dancing around in my shallow head.

Love Dove by Vanessa Williams Luster and Quinton L. Youmans

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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