Love Is Blind

by Vanessa Williams Luster

dedication: everyone who can't see their way out!

Love is blind, it will take over your mind.
When your world has stop, and you're over the top.
It will elevate your mind, love is blind.
We go around in this world.
Man or woman, boy or girl.
With the world on our shoulders.
I'm here to let you know that love is yet blind.
It can be so unkind, love can,
and will take over your mind.
Time to open up your eyes, so you can see behind.
Love is blind.
Things can be so deceiving, unbelieving,
but still we must trust 
in ourselves to make the rite choices.
Never under estimate the feeling we call love.
Unconditional love, its sin.
It shall win.
You can play it over and over again.
Love is still yet blind.
I know you say it in your reluctant mind.
And still its blind.
I woke up this morning with so much on my shallow mind.
Crying like a baby, so messed up, I'm not lying.
Wondering which way to go,
how far to push, who can I trust.
Yeah baby girl, love is blind, stop your crying.
Be strong, hold on, make a stand.
Here's my hand, grab hold to it,
I will not let you fall.
Yeah I heard that before, people stop your lying.
Love is still blind, and so unkind.
Something to deceive up your mind. Love is blind.
Do you really think that its love.
Yeah, love please!!!
We try so hard, we pretend to be so strong.
Break down that unfearing wall.
Try and stand so tall, Never want to fall.
Hey ! you want me to push you?
Oh I will, if it would make you 
get a hold of your self.

Still love is blind.
Be true to thine ownself.
If and to no one else, be true to you.
Stop telling your self, oh it will be ok.

I'll just have to pray and pray.
Everyday, as I'm on my way.
Stop! you sound like if you're dismay.
I don't care what the people say.
You can't see anything that's wrong,
distraining, vulnerable, heartbroken,
railroaded, misused, tricked, game played, lied to,
abused, left behind.
I'm trying to tell you people, love is blind.
And it will take over your mind.
When your world has stopped.
And you're over the top, love is blind.
Man this thang is a game to me, what? Love, oh I see.
Do you really? still lying, its cool.
Please don't be anyone's  fool.
Stop the pressures of life, stand firm, stand beyond.
Stand unreluctant, stand strong , and take hold.
Be bold, you're never to old.
In body, soul or mind.
Until we die, love will always be blind.

Love Is Blind by Vanessa Williams Luster

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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