It's Time for Healing

America under Attack

by Vanessa Williams Luster

Take a look around, is this world gone insane?
Every which way you turn, there's torment and pain.
Heartaches and strain, lacking to sustain.
People dieing, children crying.
It's time to take a stand.
A stand for humanity.
Blood of my blood.
Hand of my hand. 

War and destruction need not lead the way.
A worldwide of ignorance and mistrust is opened for display.
It's time for healing, inside of you and me.
A time for despair for all to see.
I'm talking about Nation to Nation
Across Sea to shinning Sea.
It's time for healing.
Inside of you and me.

September, 11, some called it 911.
Heaven help us, for we are in need of a touch from your righteous Son.
This is not the way that it is suppose to be.
Attack on America! Attack on me!
Spirit and Mind, where will the furture grow.
Open up your heart and let the healing flow.
The world is filled with hate, love is the only cure.
 It's time for deep down healing, wanting it to be nothing but pure.

I know such happenings are unbelieving, really decieving.
Wanting to recieve, needing to relieve.
Reaching to retrieve.

Peace after resolution! Peace after resolution!
Peace after resolution! Peace after resolution!
We got to stand by our brothers.
Helping one another.
United we stand,departed we get back up again.
America is about to gain, over and over again.
America shall always win.

God bless our enemies.
Put us under your wings.
God bless us all, to want to sing!(Praises)

(To our Enemies, you are The Winkest Link)
(In mind, body and soul.)

September, 24, 2001
Dedications: To all the families and their loved ones
who were lost.  God Be the Glory

It's Time for Healing by Vanessa Williams Luster

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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