by Vanessa Williams Luster

i was laying in my bed this morning, 
and something came over me, 
and i started to cry.
i cried and i cried, 
not knowing what in the world was wrong with me.
all these feelings tried to take over my head, 
that i thought was on so strong. still i cried, 
what's the matter with me. 
oh lord, please tell me why must i cry. 
tears of loneliness, tears of fears.
why, are you crying so much girl?
one huge question that will remain in this world.
ok, let me take a look and see 
why exactly why this crying spirit was taking over me.
i ask myself was i sad, or maybe mad or even glad?
ok, was i stubborn, was i feeling love or hate, 
wait a minute! can i really escape.
escape what? i ask myself, 
disappointments, disagreements, 
ugliness, sorrows, dreams, 
for the oh tomorrow?
lets be realistic, 
oh i thought i was, 
did you really?
back to the crying questions.
you know sometimes we as a people 
cry sometimes for no apparent reason at all, 
we just cry y'awl.
well i know this morning 
i just wanted to cry and i did,  
so well you know. 
am i a cry baby or what?
maybe you are maybe you're not, 
only you really know.
oh stop your crying baby girl, 
lets face it crying is a part of this grand ole world.

Crying by Vanessa Williams Luster

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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