Beautiful Black Woman

by Vanessa Williams Luster

Dedication: My black sistas

The beautiful black woman that gracefully adorn our planet.
She comes in all the flavor of the coco bean.
From the lightest, to the richess of darkest.
To the reddest of creamy chocolate delights.
Come taste of her goodness, not to mention her sweetness.
The smoooooooth savory flavor of the beautiful black woman.
Her hands of strength, her eyes of courage.
Her feet of wisdom.
Her tenderness toward her fellow man.
She's our mother, our sister, our aunts and our friend.
Your wives.
She's not to be tamper with of any scorns.
She's not to be beaten in any fashion.
She's a Queen, come smell of your knowledge.
Her breast as the heap of fresh mellons.
Her navel is the thresh hole of motherhood.
As the child that comes to her in distress.
She'll comfort you at her best.
Come my children for mother will wipe away the tears.
Teach you of lifes worst fears.
Come come,look at lifes beautiful black woman.
Struggling the work place line.
Trying to make something for her family.
Yes indeed, she'll do without for her children in need.
Educated is she? With or without books, she's very intelligent.
This I know.
Comforting and concern of the furture flow.
Every day she's trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cent.
Can she? Will she? Oh yes she shall.
She's a beautiful black woman at command.
Daring to make a stand.
Of all to demand. 
Her legs as tall towers in the fields of battle.
Her arms stretch forth for all to see.
Her face of beauty, oh yes that's me.
A beautiful black woman for all to succeed.
I gave you (What Kind of Woman) now I give to you 
(Beautiful Black Woman) 
Both to be intwined,which both are so devine.
A dedication to your hearts, from within mine.

Beautiful Black Woman by Vanessa Williams Luster

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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