Love Poem

by Kris Lucier

If I was the sun; then you are the moon.
If I was a song; then you are the tune.

Your love of potion; is all that I crave,
If I was an ocean; then you are the wave.

If I was a pen; then you are the paper,
If I was to be then; naturally you are later.

You are to me; the vine of my fruit,
If I was a tree; then you are the root.

If I was a light; then you are the reflection,
If the answer was right; then you were the question.

By your love I want to drown; without asking y,
My love 4u is profound; until the day I die,
True love is what I've found; that I can't deny
If I was a cloud; then you are my sky!

If I was the number four; then you would be two,
Because half of my core; belongs to you.

My love can u handle; while on fire to the max?
As if I was a candle; and you are the wax.

If I was a storm; well then you are the rain,
If I was a poem; then the title is your name.

How could I describe; all that you've given me,
My attempt to even try; was by way of a simile.

Love Poem by Kris Lucier

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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