A True Love Story

by LRico

From the moment that we met...
He knew we would be together till the end
It took me a minute to feel the same
Phone conversations till the break of day
Verbal stimulation for the brain
Hmm, he seems different from all the rest
Could he be heaven sent?
Loneliness dissipated, laughter took its place
Luscious lips...I had to taste
Molestation of his 6 foot 5 frame...
Finally took place
Had to know if he was good in bed
Thank you Lord for sending me the best
His soft touch lingers on my face
Feelings grew stronger with each passing day
Frantically waiting...period is late
Bodily fluids should've never been exchanged
Too late to think about what I should've done instead
Frequent toilet visits hoping to see red
Will he stay or will he turn away?
I'll just wait to see what the test results say
Too much thinking...head is starting to ache
This waiting is driving me insane
I'll just put my hands together and pray
Sighs of relief, period finally came
Thank you Lord, I promise to behave
Life has changed since he and I met
I know I am destined to be his mate
And I know he feels the same
The answer to your question is YES!

A True Love Story by LRico

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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