A Test of Time

by LRico

Seven long months have passed by
Since you were forced to leave my side
The day you left was consumed with a bottle of wine
So much anger so much pain, I almost lost my mind
I guess this is another test in my life
A new chapter in my life to write
As I sit here and think about all time
We have spent together, my thoughts I type
And for you, these words I rhyme
There is an emptiness that continues to exist
Your presence I truly miss
My mind takes me back as I reminisce
To those days filled with total bliss
Remember our first kiss?
I canít wait to feel those luscious lips
Once again, below my hips
Oh, how you forced me to lose grip
Of reality and into ecstasy I would slip
Remember those endless nights?
With your love exploding deep inside
Remember the times when we would fight?
I would get physical, regardless of your height
For real though, letís not lose sight
Of what we are trying to maintain
Letís fight to keep our love and dreams from being slain
We must remain strong when all around us is insane
I know the day when we come together will soon arrive
And all of this pain and misery will all be left behind
We have endured so much, but we will survive
And our love for each other will continue to thrive

A Test of Time by LRico

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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