Oppress Me No More!

by Love

SLAVER: Bondage by another race subjective to a harsh reality.
Degraded against my WILL, forced to a hostile horrid of animosity.
The fury of distress raging supreme, guided by the Archangel of Hate.
Lethal, Primitive measures prevailing through false pride for Hellís sake.
Redundantly, I was mocked as if you were commissioned by apathy.
Illustrated by your behavior, actually because of your illiteracy.
Through plagiarism, that which I created compelled you to TAKE.
I am appalled! Your justified actions; your pathetic patronizing of hate.
Why teach your children the relevant of fearóthe pseudo ways of dishonor.
As they shudder in the mere presence of the wonders of me, my skin color.
You are a Shyster inferior too me, the greatest of my HOME LAND!
LISTEN, look at me as I speak to you, I am a STRONG, INTELLIGENT BLACKMAN!
OPRESS ME NO MORE, with your repulsive reasons to your prejudice acts.
You tenaciousness, a facade you hide behindóBecause I am too Black?
I am me and you are you, give me no sympathy, but give me what I demandóRespect!
That which I give unto you in spite of my history with no regrets.
If we cut each other we both bleed red blood and accompany by some pain.
Yet, we are still divided by our ancestorís insidious hatred and SHAME.
Why canít we all just get alone instead of being ignorantly insane?
In this LAND we call America, we both fought with our blood, sweat to Gain.
Itís been long since slavery was paramount on the plantation.
Must we still remain separated promoting hatred through racism segregation?
Stop trying to Keep me Down, History proven it canít be done.
Can I just live freely as a man, and not under you damn Guns?
Or must I act as you have in years long past?
And say, ďFuck you white boy, kiss my black funky ASS!Ē
I chose not I am BIGGER than that, I am a Strong Black Man.
Boldly and Free, as you can see Proudly as I Stand.
No more will I shy to your arrogance ways and self-will.
No more will I stand forth and watch my brother...those whom you have killed.
Knowledge is my Power and I posses it as brightly as the rays of the Sun.
Standing forth to show the world, I am Proud and I have no reason to Run.
Everything I ever had you tried to take, but you could not take it all.
Because I am Brave, I am strong, A Black Man that will forever Stand Tall.

Oppress Me No More! by Love

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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