Mind, Body and Soul

by Love

A young soul brother cultivate with a twist of poetic flavor...that's cool.
Sleek, smooth and incredible who will impose an incision deep within you.
A convincing dignitary with artistic style and grace...and truly educated.
It behooves you to listen to this wisdom I am kickin' because it's predominated.

A cool, black brother perfected with style and the grace of nightingales.
The strength and agile of an eagle, the greatness of me...I never fail!
Well, if I do it's immaterial, nothing big; distinctly my words just flow.
Intensely into your spirit, your intellect and your Mind, Body and Soul.

I make love to your mind, copulating as enduring the pleasures of Lover's pain.
My verses trickles down the back of your neck as my words masticate your brain.
As you know on the seventh day, God...the Almighty, He created me!
A smooth, cool, young black man pure from my head down to my feet.

Attempt to nullify my writing prowess; your feeble minds will implode.
Into feces I execrate, then I take you with my word stronghold.
Attempt to avert yourself, unable too...you have already been told.
I am a silky, smooth, young brother and people... 

"Thank you for your Mind, your Body and your Soul."

Mind, Body and Soul by Love

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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