by Love

Your eyes explore my soul through the power of your vision.
As penetration rays of sunlight beautifully watches over habitations.
Cool winds breezes through the Afros of oak trees.
As meaningful to life as a hive of honey created by queen bees.

A sea of tranquillity embodies your voice with soothing waves
Gently melting across the sea caressing the beach as it fades.
Into the bosom of deepness never to appear again
Embellishing the Heavens of the sea impeccableness from sin.

Your golden skin encircles your being by Gods caring hand.
A soul of pure refined, moral values, the strength you have to withstand.
A beacon of life on gloomy day.
Womanhood, that which describes you, it lights the way.

The strength of your knowledge shatters barriers that would defeat
You are a very beautiful African Queen, strong-willed, never weak.
Your vicarious nature to your people exemplifying you, your radiant smile.
Understanding all are different in many ways, but more the same than alike.

The beauty your being upholds possesses your soul.
A ROSE fragrantly sweet enchants warmth, even to a heart so cold.
A glow to life, graciously created by Gods beauty, Grace and LOVE
You are as lovely as a tree which provides refuge for angelic doves. 

LadyLove by Love

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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