I Dreamed


Last night I dream the most wonderful dream I have ever had.
The most beautiful lady I've ever seen, and I wanted her to be my last.
The face of a Goddess, no woman compared to her that I have ever seen in my life.
At that moment I realized deep within my soul...what I was looking for in a wife.

She was as sweet as the morning dew; I was enraptured by her ecstasy.
Her wish became my every command, enslaved by her stare.
I was in a trance; I could not take my eyes off of her.
It seemed so real; I could almost feel her touch.
The smooth silky skin of her being transcended my every thought.
The thoughts of what I perceived to be a woman after visioning her, they were all lost.
She was the one I have dreamed of all of my days.
Touching my soul, my mind, touching my life and changing all of my ways.

I touched her lips; her eyes pierced my mind down to my very heart.
Seeming to become one, everlasting...this was my brand new start.
Lusting after her touch...my mind in hers, holding each other hand.
Hearing her voice, she was constantly making me proud to be a man.

Then I awoke and I realized this woman in my dream, she I already knew.
The most beautiful Angel in the world...Sweetheart she is you.
Thank you for the many great thoughts, I thank you so very much.
But for allowing you in my life, Beautiful-Angel, I thank God for His touch.

I Dreamed by LOVE

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