I Am A Black Man

by Love

The rhythm of the motherland, Africa...beats loud within my soul.
I am Black, I am Strong, and I stand proud and bold.
The Beginning of life, Africa a land so richly divine.
I am the drum; I am civilization through all darkness of time.

The rhythm of the drums beats loud through my veins
From Kings and Queens...Africa, via slave ships I came.
Shackled down, Lynched and thrashed by the whip of hate.
Ostracized, more Lynching, yet I stand strong for FREEDOM as I wait.

It almost surpass their understandings, this they have never seen!
How I can be so socially despised, yet so artistically esteemed.
I was degraded because of my talents and cultural influence in this land.
Still I stand dominant force boldly in this land.

I Am Tall! I Am Strong! I Am Proud! and Yes! I Am A Man!
In this land of so-called milk and honey...America the new home land 
Where chaos, confusion and hated reign Supreme, 
I still do not understand how they could be so damn mean.

The seed of FREEDOM is planted by me the rhythm of the drums.
I will overcome by the rhythm and no more will I run.
Hear my ROAR of FREEDOM boldly as I stand.
And look at me you will see I Am A Strong Black MAN!

I Am A Black Man by Love

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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