Lip Service

by Lov_ly

My king...
       you have me simply aroused by the xstasy in your voice.

Your words...
       make me fantasize about sexiní your syllables
       and straddling your sentences.

          I canít help but want you.
Itís the very moment when you pump phrases in my ear
that my mind moans and my nerves get nervous.
And when you talk that tantalizing talk,
I receive echo chills throughout my body.

My African Lily gets wet from your words.
See your intimate tone creates steady vibrations in my passionís piece.
          And I lose all composure.

Through the night,
I melt at the way your deep dialogue keeps waves flowing through my walls.
As your queen I cum to your conversation when you call.

As I slowly fall asleep in your speech,
I have damp dreams of our discussion over and over again.
Over and over again.

And as I drift away to your land far away,
my mind reveals vacation visions of us together sometime in May
in the country sipping lemonade from each others lips
and rolling around in the hay.

Or how boutí sunning on some sweet sand
sipping each other souls getting sweaty from the August heat
Sprinkling water from Costa Ricaís waterfall on our feet.

Sitting back laughing as we watch the snow fall in Aspen.
         Dipping my love into your love,
              into my love,
             into your love,
Sitting in front of the fire place feeling our pulses race.

I hope youíre watching me dream
so youíll know how turned on I get from our mind sessions

I canít wait until dawn so that I can dawn on last nights chit-chat
So I can focus on you
and all the things that you do
and all the things that you say  in your lip service.

Lip Service by Lov_ly

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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