My Tribute to Ole Skool

by Locs OF Fire

“If I Ruled The World”, there would be no bull shit in hip-hop. My leaders would be “Poor Righteous Teachers”. I would have “Black Cops”, with their KRS1’s patrolling the nations against “Self-Destruction.”

The “Brand New Funk”, won’t be about rims, grills, and strip clubs. “My Melody”, would “Move The Crowd” and consist of, “How Many Mics”, not people on the stage, so “Kick This One here for me and My DJ.”

There would be no “Public Enemy”, you would have to “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”. There would be no “Thug Life”, or “Dumb Girls”, just “Black Sheep” and “Round The Way Girls”, that drink “Black Coffee”, during the day, and “Funky Cold Medina” at night to get right. No “Freaks Come Out At Nite” here, because everyone would have “One Love”.

“Hey Young World”, “I Cram To Understand You.” “Slow Down”, “Fight The Power”, and “Don’t Believe The Hype” hip-hop has flopped-flipped, everything mentioned in this new tradition is a materialistic view, that’s why the “Sound Of The Police” is heard more in our streets ‘cause everybody wanna get “Paid In Full”.

Hip-Hop would be like a “Children’s Story” not about “This Or That”, nothing boring, but “U.N.I.T.Y” would be among some topics, how to “Express Yourself”, and “It Takes Two to make a thing go right.”

“Shut Em Down” “Friends”, give hip-hop a better meaning for our kids. We have lived the “Ghetto Life” long enough, now its time to “Pump Up The Volume” to a different flow in the new millennium. Because the rap world now is about food and vanity, same ole beats and movin’ your arms not your feet.

“If I Ruled The World” there wouldn’t be no bull shit in hip-hop. “All Around The World, The Same Song”, would come with a different mentality.

My Tribute to Ole Skool by Locs OF Fire

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