Thinking of My Nubian King

by Locs of Fire

A body like stone, yet smooth to the touch.  
Skin like mahogany, just soft enough.
The physique of a stallion with arms like oak, 
that everlastingly hold me, “Please never let go.”
I will love the way your eyes will caress me with trust and honesty.  
Whether I am with you, or away, I know it’s just you I will need.

Your smile will be pure sunshine 
that warms my heart and brightens my life.
As we kiss in passion I moan in satisfaction, 
for no other adheres to me as you do.  
As you penetrate my inner world 
with slow motion and deep thrusts, 
I grab hold of your strength, for it is a must.  
No other man makes love like you.

As we lay in the sand of this foreign land, 
there is only you and I.  
Our love and wars, our defeats and scores, 
but together forever can win.

So lets begin.

The respect of our peers throughout our years, 
is what I want most to be seen.  
For we are the models that walk life’s stage, 
and show ‘em what we got.  
A love so sincere, one that can persevere 
and last til’ time is no more.  
We hold the key and successfully 
we will never seal the door.

To each others struggles we stand hand in hand 
and heart to heart in power.  
I will love you my king, I will cherish the ring, 
and God will drench us in a blessing shower.  
A shower of loyalty that will never cease, for I will never quit.  
There is no greater love, than one brought together by God 
and yes I believe it will be.  
That is why God is still preparing me. 

Thinking of My Nubian King by Locs of Fire

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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