Me @ 36

by Locs of Fire

30-31: Realization that in order for me to elevate, I had to leave my country. I had become stagnant in the old remedies of possibilities; I had exhausted them all.

31-32: Found new familiar territory to explore, I was starting over in a new frame of mind with the same old surroundings, but different faces. What didn’t I change?

32-33: It was time to change ME not the environment around me, understanding curses, and secrets do get old too and everything I thought was true, I thought was me was all a dumb reality. It was now recognition and motivation to “Know Thyself”, that gave me the elation for self-preservation.

33-34: Letting all nonsense go; People, stereotypes, chemicals in my hair, blinders over my eyes. I picked up different hobbies and focus with my new allies-G.O.D. X’s 3 equals trinity, equals delivery, equals freedom from the old me equals, finally facing who I used to be, equals striving to change from childhood stigmas and overrated dilemma’s that kept me.

34-35: Knowledge, wisdom and understanding, expression of self without planning how to say what I feel. Freedom of speech, freedom, freedom, liberation, locs of fire, opened mind, divine intervention. I see thru the sublime Babylon, Sodom & Gomorah of this time (Western view).

35-36: Change has come, I now fellowship away from the ones who still don’t see their reality. The one’s who have not challenged themselves to defeat their own negativity. I am now more thankful for the life I have given and have given to me. I am more patient with my forms of insanity. I have learned to breathe in spiritual air and blow out and away demons that have invaded and controlled my soul.

37 is around the corner, at the border of 40, at the bottom of the hill ready to climb so next year this time with God's grace I will be sharing my trials and victories of 37, continuing to live and love not die in hate for my life of 38.

Me @ 36 by Locs of Fire

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