by Locs Of Fire

Iím remembering the times that hurt the most, cause those are the ones that wonít let go. Those are the ones that have made me stronger, mostly because they are the ones that linger longer.

Iím remembering the times when I prayed the hardest and sang the loudest and cried the longest. Iím remembering those times cause then I was the loneliest.

But something began to happen one day, I woke up one morning feeling glorious and carefree, not knowing that His love was beginning to fill me. I wasnít the perfect one who paid the cost, but with His mercy and grace I am no longer lost.

My life began to change; my heart would pump a different rhythm. It was now beating in the key of meditating only on HIM.

For you see, my GOD is a healer with time, but He is also the greatest teacher of the mind.

I had been praying for wisdom, knowledge and understanding, unaware of the changes GOD was planning to unfold in my life and strengthen my heart to accept the joy of a brand new start.

Thank YOU Jesus for being the example of salvation that has elevated this lost soul to see the truth and want to be like YOU.

Elevation by Locs Of Fire

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