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Tony Lindsay is the author of six novels that include, One Dead Preacher, Street Possession, Chasin’ It, Urban Affair, One Dead Lawyer, More Boy Than Girl, and a short story collection titled Pieces of the Hole. He has published book critiques and reviews for Black Issues Book Review and submits to the African American literary website A native Chicagoan, he has a BS from the University of Illinois Chicago and a MFA from Chicago State University. He teaches at Chicago State University, South Suburban College, and Westwood College. More Boy Than Girl is his latest work.

Visit Tony's website at: for information about him and his books.

You can contact Mr. Lindsay via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Tony Lindsay


A Smart Kid
Bedroom Eyes
Brotherly Love
Changed Stripes
Chasin' It
Daddy's Boy
Elevator Lesson
First Time
Grandma's Room
Guilt Trip
Home Grown
Interview with a Killer
Macky's Place
Marc on Mark
More Boy Than Girl
One Last Chance
On T.V.
Stop and Frisk
The Cattle Call
The Dance
The Finishing Place
The Hotel Helene/Truth Be Told
Things Done Changed
Visiting My Man

Essays and Reviews

Review of "Men We Reaped"
The Cost of Brer Rabbit, the American Trickster YouTube Video
The Harlem Renaissance, a Literary Movement of Purpose

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