Amadou Diallo 1975-1999

by Melissa Brown Levine

what day will i say
to my son that he can
trust in men charged
with protecting his
welfare and community?

what day can i know without
doubts that my young one
will not be labeled and called out
with proof existing not,
evidence pulled from pure air?

what day can i tell my boy
that the hue he was blessed
with will not bring forth
accusations from those who have
established a formula based not on
but the very definition of black and
living in any condition,
in any situation,
by any measure available?

what day will i become
comfortable with the idea
of my child growing beyond his
seven years?

what day will black mothers
stop crying for their
black sons?

Amadou Diallo 1975-1999 by Melissa Brown Levine

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