by Joasha Lemba

You are sexier than Marvin Gaye on Sultry nights 
Sweeter than sugar cane, 
More beautiful than A moon’s eclipse, 
More soulful than the Gospel, 
Evangelis’ church sings each sunday 

I forget You dropped out of High school, 
In the 8th grade… 
And that you lived: Crazily, and dangerously 
I forget that you sold drugs: powder white 
And broke bones… 
Created mistrust and shattered hearts… 
Ran wild, and burglarized: fraud in the bank 
You look at me, with your eyes agape 
And your hands: Cradling your heart 
Open sleeve, You open up to me 
All I see is the courage… 
To get past the hurt of child hood abuse 
Grow up without a Father, 
Only to provide: Guidance&comfort, to your sisters and brother… 
You pay the bills, lower your eyes when You are hurting 
Take my phone calls at 2 or 3 AM… 
Your voice lulls me to sleep 
I forget. I forget the past mistakes. 
I beam with pride because you are working on getting your GED 
And smile when you talk about the future 
I tell you that I love you, each day 
So, You never forget 
You are there, and never to disappoint 
The first man to truly appreciate me. 

You are stronger than the earth woven roots, 
Of the only Tree standing tall during a Hurricane 
Deeper than the width of the Universe 
Lovelier than a flower growing despite its concrete walls… 

You by Joasha Lemba

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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